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Sales Channel Consulting

Choosing the optimal mix of sales channels, managing channel conflict, creating strong channel partnerships and meeting the needs of your target market.  These are all key factors in a successful channel strategy.

Specialists in the review, design and validation of multi-channel sales and service environments

The Tactix team are marketing and sales channel specialists with many years of hands-on experience and an enviable track record which speaks for itself.

We have analysed sales channels to address performance gaps and looked at how to improve their profitability, designed and implemented nationwide sales channel programmes to drive sales uplift and sales channel engagement, addressed pricing and  compensation models to reduce channel conflict, and refined channel approaches so they better meet customer needs.

Channel decisions are fundamental in helping you create a competitive advantage for your business by making you a lot more accessible to your customers however, you need to continue to review each of your sales channels and ensure they continue to meet your customers’ and environments changing needs.

Tactix is a street-smart team of senior marketers and sales channel practitioners.  With a track record in the most demanding of companies our team will bring commercially astute strategies and actions to your business.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you to make sure your sales channels are set up intelligently.

Services Offered

  • Looking at sales channel options to understand what ones are right for your business
  • Designing campaigns for sales channel partners to drive alignment and engagement
  • Determining how to improve a sales channel
  • Understanding the impact of a new sales channel
  • Taking a new product or service to market
  • Setting up a new sales channel

“If you’re looking for professional advice on how to accelerate your business growth, I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly than Nicole. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nicole on numerous growth strategy projects over the last ten years and she has always displayed a unique blend of professionalism and strategic insight together with a wonderfully engaging personality.”

Principal – Pricewaterhouse Coopers

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