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Business Consultancy

Flexible pool of senior marketing resources available to drive projects forward

The senior team at Tactix are well versed at providing independent assessment of business growth initiatives so your organisation can quickly understand whether to pursue or park strategic initiatives under consideration.

We can work on strategies and take projects right through to detailed implementation if that is what you require.

Specialists in the review, design and validation of multi-channel sales and service environments

To continue to drive growth, businesses need to excel at the delivery of their sales and ongoing service, as well as treating customers appropriately based on their value to the business and customer motivations.

For companies using multiple sales channels to both sell to and provide service to their customers, the task of making sure your channel structure is appropriate for today’s market, that it is running effectively and your desired customer-experience is being delivered by all channels can be a daunting task.

As specialist sales channel practitioners the team at Tactix can work with you to review, analyse and design the best sales and service channel structures so you can really engage and deliver your services to your customers.

Services Offered

  • Review current sales channel effectiveness
  • Create the best channel strategy to future proof your business based on customer insights, review of technologies available to your business and channel metrics
  • Development of innovative sales programmes to make channels more effective and support them to deliver the customer-experience you are seeking to deliver
  • Validation of potential business opportunities
  • Implementation of sales and marketing projects

“If you’re looking for professional advice on how to accelerate your business growth, I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly than Nicole. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nicole on numerous growth strategy projects over the last ten years and she has always displayed a unique blend of professionalism and strategic insight together with a wonderfully engaging personality.”

Principal – Pricewaterhouse Coopers

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