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For New Zealand businesses that are currently selling or looking to export overseas, this is a simple way to get feedback quickly from off-shore markets

Using the online environment to link together NZ Businesses with over 20 million highly profiled consumers worldwide and operable in over 30 languages, this online platform supported by the rapid selection of the right consumers, enables you as a business to get great insights directly from the people you wish to sell to on your product innovations, brand or marketing.

Available for the first time in NZ and Australia, ConsumerThink™ has already been used successfully in European and US markets by companies exporting products and wanting to have a direct discussion with their consumers. Businesses have used ConsumerThink™ to get consumer points of view on areas such as:

  • Potential product names
  • Ideas for new products and services
  • Concepts and ideas for feedback and improvement suggestions
  • Advertising and media testing
  • Market opportunity identification

Contact us for a no obligation discussion to understand how Consumer Think may assist your business and to understand more about the process.

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