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Marketing Services for Technology Companies

Specialist industries require specialised knowledge

Our marketing experts understand businesses that operate in the technology sector. Have confidence that you are working with a marketing partner that understands the broader macro environment affecting your business, along with the unique opportunities and challenges that you face.

Our approach is simple – an experienced marketer will work closely with you to design marketing solutions tailored to your business. In short, we become part of your team.

Some of the services we offer;

  • Validation of market opportunities
  • Customer research to understand brand perceptions and buying behaviour
  • Go-to-market plans for new products or services
  • Value propositions, positioning and messaging
  • Development of sales tools and presentations
  • Marketing plans, annual calendar of activities and budgets
  • Brand experiences that carve out a unique position in your market
  • Brand reinvigoration to position your business correctly
  • Development of customer lifecycle programmes
  • Full implementation and project management of all marketing activities

The team at Tactix were instrumental in developing a compelling value proposition and marketing launch plan for Utilise’s launch. The in-depth research and market insights they delivered is something we could not have done ourselves in-house at the time”.

Utilise – Former Brand & Customer Experience Manager

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