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13Aug 2014

Do You Know Why Your Customers Chose You?

Why Not Ask Them?

Be brave and don’t be afraid to ask your customers questions that you may not like the answers to. There might be simple changes you can make to improve your customer service to help existing customers and also increase the number of new customers.

There are different ways you can find out this information and what method used will depend on the complexity of your product range, the cost of your product/service and how you engage with your customers pre, during and post the sale. We generally conduct in-depth interviews over the phone but an online survey to your database or Facebook likers, or small survey at the end of a customer call to the service centre will give a great result too.

Sometimes incentivising people to enter with a small prize helps. Many of the questions asked are just the same regardless of whether your business is B2B or B2C. After all you’re still selling to humans!

Some of the questions we ask are:
  1. What other brands or products did you consider when purchasing?
  2. Why did you decide to choose our brand or product?
  3. Was it easy to compare our products to the others?
  4. What are the three or four most important things you looked for when deciding?

You might get some quick wins when you have found our more about your customer’s decision making process, or improvements that will give better benefit in the long term. Don’t forget to add these into your SWOT analysis (refer to our previous newsletter Edward, please add in I think it is the May edition for more information on creating a SWOT).

Quite often we find that our client’s customers don’t speak the same language as our clients. They often simplify things and they are not as “precious” about some of the features that our client’s offer. Talking to your Heading (Style ‘Heading3’) clients helps you look at your products and services through their eyes seeing what is actually important to them rather than what you think is important to them.

All the very best and if you need independent help to interrogate your customer’s decision making process, then give me a call on 09 215 7858.

All the best,
Nicole Crump

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