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13Aug 2014

Focused Marketing Plans

Find out what is really important to your customers. What benefits do they really value and are you
delivering on this?

Now you have spoken to your customers and asked why they bought from you (August newsletter) and what was important to them when making that decision, you can now determine what benefits your customers value and how they rank them. Is it what you thought?

Customer value drivers is the term used for the features and benefits you offer that mean your customers will buy your product/service over others. Providing customer value, drives loyalty, retention and the acquisition of new business thereby driving business growth.

Value drivers can come in many forms from the quality of the product/service itself; its functionality, look and feel, ease of use, image and price through the customer’s treatment in the pre/sales/post sales care. Also the image of your brand must be considered, how you are perceived by customers is just as important as the product/service delivery.

Now you have your customer value drivers you need to compare them to what you are saying to your customers. Tweak your messages to reflect this information and this will resonate more with customers and potential customers.

NZ Domain Registrations

As of this month you are now able to register new shorter domain names ending on .nz rather than . So why is this
important? It is important because it provides:

  • More choice in .nz domain names
  • More representative online addresses. For example, many people get domain names originally set up with businesses in mind even though they are not businesses.
  • Shorter .nz domain names
  • New Zealand is now in line with many other countries that have already made this change.

The new domain names won’t be active until next year, so you have until March 2015 to pre-register your domain name. For
more information you can visit
If you have any questions about think could directly improve your sales and you would like independent help with, then give
me a call on 09 215 7858.

All the best,
Nicole Crump

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