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3May 2017

Sticky Screen Cleaner

Remind customers about your business!

It is important to stay top of mind with your customers and to remind them about the value you offer.  If your customers’ forget about you then they won’t do business with you.  Simple really!

Sometimes it’s good to have an item or two ready to give to people to remind them about you.   These don’t have to cost a lot of money, but we wanted to share with you our current top pick – Sticky Screen Cleaner.

Sticky Screen Cleaner
You can do a full colour print on this with your key message (reminding people why to do business with you!)  and it sticks to phones/phone covers and can be used to clean screens. We love it as it keeps you brand in the hands of your market, is useful, easy to travel with (size of a business card) and has a low per unit cost.

Let us know if you want to order any of these or if you’d like to look at other ways to keep your brand visible with your customers.