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Marketing and Strategy Planning

Marketing Strategy and Planning

If you are searching for answers to questions like those below and don’t want to leave your potential success and future to guesswork, it might be time to talk with us.

logolist How do I increase my sales?
logolist How do I stand out from my competitors?
logolist How do I build strong, stable relationships with my existing customers?
logolistHow do I gain new customers?
logolist How does online and social media fit my business?
logolist What marketing budget do I need to achieve my business goals?

By developing a strategic marketing plan and discussing approaches with Tactix, you will understand which selection of marketing activities are the right ones to drive the growth of your business.

We will develop a marketing plan with you that includes;

  • An in-depth organisational analysis
  • A review of your competitive market
  • A detailed understanding of your customers

From this in-depth research emanates the comprehensive action-plan for your business as well as the tools to implement and monitor the success of the plan. This focused activity allows you allocate your available resources to the activities that deliver the desired results, ensuring your approach is more effective and customer focused.

If you require support with implementing the activities, Tactix are on hand to do this for you – we literally are here as your marketing team or available to support your in-house team when required.




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